Baptisms and armadillos

Baptisms and armadillos

February 5, 2024

The week has been going very well, we got to talk with a lot of people, and our friends are all doing really well. We have been working with the Nusom family to help them reach baptism. They are on date for the 17th. They are really cool, and we have been having meetings with them twice a week. Vicky is also doing really well. She started listening to the Book of Mormon, and she is really enjoying it.

We traveled around Alabama and went to what was essentially farmland to meet a referral. While there, we met their uncle and he was really open to the message. I was at Fort Moore again this week, during Sunday. On the way there, we found out that there were armadillos in Alabama (who knew). Anyways, it was a fast and testimony meeting, and the soldiers bore some really cool testimonies. One of them I liked was about hope. In one of the soldier's testimonies, he talked about an experiment done with rats. They took the rats and put them in a pool to see how long they would swim. They lasted about 10 or 12 minutes until they drowned. They then did the experiment again, but this time, right before they drowned, the researchers took them out of the water and let them rest awhile. They then put them in the water again to see how long they would last, and this time, they did not drown. It was really cool because it shows just how much of an impact hope can have. The sacrament is also super quiet as there aren't any kids there.

For this p-day we had breakfast at the senior couple's house, and then went to the sports complex and did some ultimate Frisbee. The field was super muddy, though, because it had rained the night before. We ended up getting pretty muddy and had a few falls due to wet grass, but it was fun. We then went back to the apartment and did some card games. After that we went shopping and got some groceries that took up all the time we had.