Elder Soares visits the mission

Elder Soares visits the mission

January 22, 2024

The week has been going well, there have been a few exciting developments. I met Ariel this week, and she decided that she wanted to start coming to church, and she ended up bringing her entire family with her as well, so that was really cool this week. We also put our friend Jaqavious on date for baptism, which is also really exciting. Finding has been a bit slow because of the cold now. Many people won't go outside, and so it gets harder to talk with them.

Anyways, on Friday, we had Elder Soares visited the mission. He gave a wonderful devotional on the topic of Joy. It was wonderful, and I'll have to tell you some of the awesome takeaways during the call. Elder Soares is a really cheerful person and was really good at making us laugh, so it was a really welcome event. We are starting to run a little low on miles. Every month we get an allowance of miles to use, but because of all the far-away events our miles have almost been used up, so we may be going by foot over the last week of January. Anyways, all of our shops and the church building are close by, though, so it should not pose a tremendous issue. Besides, a nice walk in the cool, crisp air should keep us awake and moving.

Elder Oldroyd has been an awesome companion. We both have similar interests (and a whole lot of puns), so we have a lot to talk about. He is also very driven and dedicated to the work, so we've been working hard and getting lost in the work. The other Roommates Elder Allen and Elder Johnson are pretty chill dudes. Elder Allen came out at the same time I did, and Elder Johnson is only in his second transfer. Conversation flows pretty naturally with them, and I've been able to get to know them very well.

We enjoyed our face time call with Nathan this week. His Grandparents Kay and Howard were able to join the call along with our family. Grandpa Parkinson enjoyed telling him a couple of his stories from when he served his mission in the South.