Nathan's Birthday Surprise



I love seeing Nathan and his companion watching open his Send a Cake! 10 out of 10

I also asked Nathan to write some notes for my Gospel Doctrine lesson this week on Mosiah 4-6. This is what he said:

I love these chapters. They are full of so much knowledge and wisdom. One of the verses that stands out to me is Mosiah 4:2-3; in this verse, they are able to apply the atonement, which at this point in history hadn't happened yet; this event was about 124 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. The people had such great faith that Christ would come and perform the atonement that they were able to have a remission of their sins even before Christ came in the flesh. They had faith that Jesus would perform the atonement, and because the atonement is infinite, it would allow them to be forgiven of their sins.

This happens to some other Book of Mormon characters as well, like Enos. 4:6 Teaches us that the atonement was prepared before the world was even created. It also teaches us that people gain salvation through trusting in God and keeping his commandments. A lot of this chapter talked about enduring to the end. Some themes of it are humility, repentance, love of God, and love of your fellow man. The two great commandments are essential for your endurance. 4:27 is a classic and one of my favorites. King Benjamin is always a great study.

I recommended to Nathan to read The Grandeur of God by Elder Holland

The Grandeur of God
In word and in deed Jesus was trying to reveal and make personal to us the true nature of His Father, our Father in Heaven.